I'm Really Dancing (2010)

I'm Really Dancing (2010)

featured in the 2010 Career Transition For Dancers
25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee:

MUSIC Marvin Hamlisch
LYRICS Rupert Holmes
Marvin Hamlisch and Angela Lansbury
Karen Ziemba
Charlotte d’Amboise
Desmond Richardson
David Warren Gibson and Ann Reinking
Chita Rivera
Randy Skinner
Marge Champion
Nathalie Enterline •  Benjamin Needham-Wood  •  American Tap Dance Foundations Youth Program: Tony Waag, Artistic Director/Choreographer; Brooke Augustine, Yakira Kellman, Amber Scheluchin, Eden Augustine, Soukay Mbaye, Elizabeth Sharp, Nicolette Cure, Luke Nonas-Hunter, Jalen Watson, Ruby Gumenick and Caroline Pollak
American Ballet Theatre II: Sterling Baca, Cara Marie GarY, Kathryn Boren, Marcella Paiva, Aaron Smyth, Skylar Brandt, Colby Parsons, Alberto Velaquez, Brittany Degrofft, Alys Shee  •  World Cup All Star New Jersey Cheerleading: Elaine Pascale and Zach Pennix, coaches; Taryn Applebaum, Jenna Galucie, Lauren Pisarcik, Kevin Baron,  Gianna Pepe and Kelsey Rule

Choreography developed at the National Choreographers Initiative 2010.

See Ann Marie's Blog for more information

Project Gallery: 
Karen Ziemba Charlotte d'Amboise in back
Marvin Hamlisch and Angela Lansbury
Ann Reinking and David Warren Gibson
Ann Reinking and David Warren Gibson
Charlotte d'Amboise and Greg Butler
Charlotte d'Amboise and Greg Butler
Desmond Richardson
Desmond Richardson
Natalie Enterline and Marvin Hamlisch
Natalie Enterline and Ben Needham-Wood (soloists in the segment)
Natalie and Ben and American Tap Dance Foundation Youth Program kids in the back
Natalie Enterline and Ben Needham-Wood
Natalie Enterline and ATDF Youth Program kids
ABT II dancers
ABT II dancers... Aaron, Skylar and Irlan
Ben in Side Split jump
Ben in the center with World Cup All Stars cheerleaders flipping behind him
Cheerleader in Al Second lift
ABT II dancer Colby in jump
Ben in Capoiera move
ABT II jumping
ABT II side jumping (not in unison but should be)
ABT II group jump moving upstage
Cheerleaders pike-throw
Cheerleaders lay-out
Back Flips into Chita Rivera's entrance for part 2 of the song
Chita Rivera and Marvin Hamlisch
Marge Champion kicking with Randy Skinner
End link of the song - I'm Really Dancing...